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Updated 8/23/06


monewise fall 2006

-new credit for energy conservation improvements;
-everyone can have a ROTH IRA, but maybe not until 2010;
-new Medicaid qualification rules;
-donating IRA monies to charities;
-a big change in beneficiary’s rights;
-increase in Medicare premiums;
-pension savings protected in bankruptcy;
-a few short topics.

moneywise fall 2003
-piggy back disaster planning onto you estate plan;
-2003 tax legislation;
-the new "do not call list";
-retirement savngs update;
-REITs as an investment option;
-a primer on mutual funds;
-a few short topics.

moneywise winter 2003
-end of year planning;
-401k plans for self-employed;
-cancelling your PMI:
-pay down your mortgage;
-primer on home equity loans;
-estate planning observations;
-a few short topics.

moneywise fall 2002
-an investment point of view;
-retirement savings - 2002;
-record retention;
-tax benefits if you pay for college;
-A ROTH conversion could be a good idea this year;
-pension distributions after death;
-a few short topics.

moneywise winter 2002
-charity update;
-you WILL be able to retire;
-a brief primer on long term care insurance;
-understanding bonds;
-Coverdell (Education IRA) savings accounts;
-a few short topics.

moneywise fall 2001
In this issue, I discuss:
-once again, my advice;
-a brief discussion about Social Security;
-retirement savings;
-new for 2002;
-a few short topics.

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