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These Internet links access sites that may be of interest to you.

Disaster recovery guide
This is a source for knowledge and resources provided by the NJ Society of CAPs for people who need information about how to deal with the financial aspects of a disaster.

New York Better Business Bureau
This is a link to the BBB. You can research their reports on charitable organizations.

This link will give you the tax filings of Tax Exempt organizations.

Liberty Unites
This is a link to a site that will allow you to make contribuitons to a number of tax exempt organizations.

NY Crime Victims Bureau
Information about the beneefits available to surviving familes.

Federal Emergency Management Administration
They register disaster victims and send information to appropriate agencies. They also make available some emergency grants.

Social Security Admnistration
There is a small death benefit and significant dependent benefits.

Information from the IRS on tax exempt organization
Useful information about tax exempt status including a complete list (Publication 78) of recognized tax exempt organizations. You can type GENIE and Brooklyn NY to check the status of the Genie Foundation. Note: a 50% charity is the best it can be. This means that you can deduct contributions up to 50% of YOUR income.

Red Cross
You can get latest information about their programs and a listing including address and phone numbers for local chapters.

NYS Attorney General
The Attorney General is respoonsible for the registration of charitable organizations in New York. Eliot Spitzer, the Attoroney General is taking an active role in monitoring the use of the money donated for the WTC/Pentagon disaster.

Cantor Fitzgerald site
Information specific to Cantor Fitzgerald is available here. You can also find useful information if the victim was not a CF employee.

Information about the Liberty State Park assistance center
Find directions, information about procedures and resources available to people who would rather go to NJ than travel to NY.

NYS Trial Lawyers
This important site should be visited and revisited to stay current on many matters having to do with survivor rights. Specifically they are monitoring the new law offering an alternative to lawsuits. The law is explained at this site. The full text of the law can also be found at this site.

US Department of Justice
This site will have the most current information regarding the regulations and procedures announced regarding the September 11 Victims Compensation Fund.

Thomas Federal Register of Legislation
This site has current staus of legislation in Congress and on the President's desk. Look for H.R.2884 and S.1440